"Anie Rodier has helped many people feel physically better with her skilled hands in osteopathic treatment. She creates a wonderful healing space with her presence and knowledge, and attention to detail and is of great support on their journeys to health." G.S./July. 2010


"Thank you for everything. It was such a wonderful experience and you definitely have a natural gift of healing." A.J./Sept. 2010


Rodiera Osteopathy sunset"Je voulais te remercier énormément pour les soins que tu m'as donnés. Tu fais un travail très important avec tes patients, et très spécial parce que tu y mets tellement du tien avec tellement de générosité. Tu nous donnes à tous de très beaux cadeaux. Tu es comme la voix gentille intérieure que souvent nous n'avons pas pour nous-même." E.M./Nov.2010


"Avec tes qualités humaines et professionnelles, ton service reste unique et personnalisé. Merci de faire une énorme différence dans mon cheminement personnel. Tu es comme un témoin, une écoute qui a toujours le bon mot qui rassure et qui inspire. Combien de fois, tu as su faire des miracles lorsque les douleurs se faisaient intenses. C'est rassurant de savoir ou te trouver lorsqu'un problème surgit ou tout simplement lorsque j'ai besoin de me recentrer et de retrouver un équilibre, souvent mis à mal avec le rythme de vie que j'ai. Continue ton chemin de ''healer''; tu as un don! Merci pour tout!" S.D./Janv. 2011


"Anie Rodier has helped me to feel physically better with her skilled hands in osteopathic treatment. She knows how to identify where you have unbalance in your body and she treats you in a global approach, not just one point at a time. I highly recommend Anie. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High integrity." S.M./May 2011


Rodiera Osteopathy 4"L'expertise d'Anie, son habileté pour sélectionner les techniques adéquates pour traiter des conditions spécifiques, sa dextérité, la qualité de sa présence professionnelle et son approche holistique assurent un traitement ostéopathique efficace de grande valeure. Nous avons la chance inestimable d'avoir Anie présente dans notre communauté pour offrir des services en ostéopathie. Je recommande Anie à tous ceux qui veulent améliorer leur santé, optimiser leur vitalité et diminuer les symptômes physiques douloureux, chroniques ou d'apparition récente. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value." M.A./Mai 2011


"I have used Anie's services on several occasions through the years - sport injuries, health issues, fatigue, health maintenance, etc. For some problem, it took a few sessions before my symptoms disappeared. For others, it was automatic. Each time I visit Anie, however, I experience an improvement in my wellbeing. This is why I do not hesitate to recommend her services for any type of health problems - mental or physical; I know you will feel empowered from her magic touch." N.L./Oct. 2011 


''Thank you Anie for your healing touch, your listening ear and your gentle guidance...all of which have greatly enhanced my health and well being...so glad to have found you! '' T.T./Dec. 2012


"Anie is a great listener, and the quality of her presence as well as her palpation skills helped me achieve quick results everytime I have consulted her. Anie is highly professional and I recommend her osteopathy services without hesitation" C.P./ Nov. 2012


''When I first came to see Anie, I had really little idea what an osteopath did. I had not been able to sit or walk for over 2 months even though I had received other form of treatments, the relief was never lasting. After my first osteopathic session, I felt liberated from the pain for days. I followed the ''exercises'' prescribed daily to notice even greather improvements. Not only did Anie helped me physically to get back to a normal active lifestyle, she worked on getting rid of the fear I had of getting hurt again by using the THETA method which has been so beneficial. I recommend both therapies with great certainty that you will get great professional services and lasting healing.'' F.M./ March. 2013


 ''très bientôt et merci encore, tu es vraiment une personne incroyable...pleine de sagesse et tu es un phare pour beaucoup d'entre nous...Quelle chance que la vie m'a donné en te rencontrant! " M-C.C./Nov.2013


highly recommend Anie for her osteopathy and thetahealing treatments. Anie is very intuitive and extremely knowledgeable about the human body. I am a very active person at work and play but after a work related back injury, the pain was so intense, I could barely get out of bed. It only took a few sessions and following Anie's advices, I am very functional, back to work and snowboarding again. Thank you so much Anie! " A.B. Cavalia's team/ Jan. 2014

" want you to send my sincerest thanks for all you've done for me over the past 3 months. I always feel like I've made some sort of profound breakthrough after our sessions. You've brought my thinking to a new light in terms of my overall health and mental wellness; helping me connect the two and giving me courage to finally address my issues. I think you're an incredible healer and a wonderful woman. I look forward to our future journey together." T.T./ March 2014


Anie, thank you for the wonderful treatment you gave me. I feel healthy and happy. " A.W./ April 2014


''You are a truly beautiful healer and I appreciate your amazing energy and attentive care.'' T.P./ July 2014 


''Anie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did for me. My appointment with you was truly life changing. In just one session you helped me release so much. I am in awe. I can't wait to come back to Vancouver to see you...'' K.C. Sept. 2016