Access Conscious BARs

Bars is a tool used in Access Conscousness to release the energy that is locked into our polarized points of view and opinions that restrict us from infinite possibilities in our life.

The origin of the Access Conscious BARs

Over 20+ years ago, Gary Douglas realized that people were the creators of their lives. He noticed that people primarily focused on the wrongness of life events, instead of seeing the joy and infinite possibilities that are available. Wanting more, Gary searched for a more meaningful way of being, which ultimately led him to the discovery of BARs.

He discovered that there were 32 points located on the cranium, that correspond to our points of view or opinions about life that have been adopted or learned.

What is Access Conscious BARs exacly

All of our points of view and opinions hold an energetic charge that keep us locked into a specific set of behavioural patterns. These behaviour patterns are so engrained that they restrict us and our ability to choose different ways of being, which ultimately limits us from living up to our full potential.

For example, if an individual adopts a strong point of view that they have to work hard for their money, they will be energetically locked in this and will not be able see the potential for earnin money more easily.

The 32 BARs consist of specific subjects such as money, creativity, awareness, kindness, gratitude, body and sexuality to name just a few.

Once the Bars are activated by touching the specific points on the cranium, the energy is dissipated and we can function from a state of being rather than charged feelings, thoughts and emotion that we have. “Being” in each moment allows us to perceive, know and receive life which expands our awareness and our ability to choose from the infinite possibilities that are available to us'' access conscous website

This is the first step in creating more possibilities in your life and can be felt for days after a treatment. It is recommended to have a number of treatments (5-10) to see the full benefits that release you from long term attitudes and behaviours.