Our bodies undergo various changes and traumas throughout our lifetime, forcing it to continually adapt to new stresses. Life circumstances constantly challenge our state of well-being both mentally and physically,which causes us to be out of balance at times. As a result, our bodies adapt, realign and try to re establish balance however, it fails because we are not aligned to our natural state.

The mind and the body cannot be separated and optimal health cannot simply be seen as the absence of disease or pain but rather a state of balance and harmony between the two main components. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people carry an accumulation of the effects of different traumatic events that have happened in the course of our lives-and it is in these areas that Rodiera can help.

Rodiera's Osteopathy-Vancouver values

  • Integrity - Respect - Compassion - Faith and Hope in the potential of all human beings

Addressing the body malaises through various hands-on tools: Osteopathy

About Osteopathy

The art of osteopathy addresses the body's ailments using palpation techniques to evaluate, treat and implement preventive measures. The following techniques help to evaluate the quality of the structure and restore the balance of the whole body.

arrow-osteopathy Osteoarticular adjustment (musculoskeletal):

Gentle restoration of the natural relationships between the joints in order to maintain adequate mobility

arrow-osteopathy Myofascial tension normalization (muscles and fascia):

Restoration in the muscles and surrounding tissue releasing the tensions that restrict the range of motion. The different techniques used are muscle energy, general osteopathic techniques and myofascial release.

arrow-osteopathy Visceral manual normalization:

Restores the body from restriction felt in the different organs (e.g. the liver, heart, lungs, spleen, intestines) and releases the tension that can affect the body's balance. All the organs are attached by ligaments and surrounded by fascias so when there is tension in these areas tension is felt in the organs.

arrow-osteopathy Cranial field (cranio-sacral functional unit):

Gentle release of compressionpressioor tension within the different skeletal structures in order to facilitate the vascular, nervous and biological functions around the cranial (head) and sacrum (pelvic area).

Addressing the body malaises through Energy Healing

About Bio-Energy 

Bio-Energy Healing is a gentle non-evasive healing modality that utilizes a number of specialized movements and techniques that facilitate and stimulates the immune system through our energy systems in order to heal itself.

Rodiera Osteopathy treatment

Addressing the connection between the Mind and the Body

About ThetaHealing

At the root of Theta Healing is the principle that our cells can store memories and beliefs in our subconscious mind and prevent us from moving forward in life.

ThetaHealing is...

A simple and efficient method that uses the Theta Brain Wave mind state to change the subconscious beliefs, feelings and emotions that create problems. Muscle testing is used to identify the core beliefs that are held in the subconscious mind.

With ThetaHealing, we influence the cellular structure at the subconscious level and replace old patterns with new positive beliefs and feelings to create a healthy body and mind. The process works by allowing the body to reseed itself with new thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

About Access Counscious BARs

BARs is the first tool used in Access Consciousness to facilitate our ability to function differently in life by clearing the energy corresponding to our polarized points of view that are contained in 32 different points or Bars located on the craniumcranium.  

Who can benefit?

Any person of any age can benefit from Rodiera Osteopathy-Vancouver.

Our clients:
  • Struggle with physical or mental health issues
  • Want to maintain balance as a preventive health measure
  • Strive to feel better and be more centred
  • Are open-minded regarding new health care alternatives
  • Respond to the gentleness of the techniques of osteopathy, bio-energy and holistic treatments
  • Want to learn more about what they can do for themselves
  • Want to reach their full potential
  • Want to transcend negative patterns and behavior
  • Understand the connection between what they think and how they feel